MUGIC Protocol (Multi-User Graphics with Interactive Control)

MUGIC defines a standard display­independent client/server model for the generation, control, and management of graphics rendering within a multi­user environment to targeted specifically for tiled displays and virtual reality systems. This protocol will provide ease of access and an integrated development environment for research, education, performance, interaction, and presentations. It will provide an easily accessible format for integration of real­time programming softwares (e.g., Touch Designer, Pure Data, Max/MSP, etc.) which in turn will facilitate the incorporation of gesture control and algorithmic/generative processes for control of graphics on multiple displays using the user’s own environment. We also plan to provide multi­user management and access support, as well as real­time telematic connection between multiple servers.

The definition of the protocol and the current state of the development can be seen at

The use of an early stages of the protocol can be seen below:

IDEAS Performance: Measuring the Dream
Yolande Snaith, Victoria Petrovich, and Ryan Welsh
Thursday, October 20, 2016

IDEAS Performance: Head over Heels
By Grady Kestler with Steven Leffue and Anne Gehman <BR

Andy Muehlhausen – Ad Infinitum3 (2013)

Nick Drashner – Spellbound (2013)




Project Credits:
Principle Investigator: Shahrokh Yadegari
Project Supervisor: Jurgen Schulze, Calit2 Research Scientist
CalVR Programming: Philip Weber:
Programming and Content: Andy Muehlhausen and Grady Kestler
Additional Graphics Programming: Justina Lange and Nadia Zeng

Presentation by Andy Muelhausen about MUGIC



MUGIC-Commands.pdf — A quick command reference guide