2013 Inevitable

An Invited piece at the ohrenhoch Gallery, Berlin, March 3 and 10 2013.
Elizabeth Zharoff: Vocals
Shahrokh Yadegari: Lila
Invevitable is a re-rendition of an excerpt of a composition for an Installation by Ann Hamilton (Stylus) at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.
The piece is about contact, the crisis of contact, and what happens at the moment of the contact.
Sound is an extension of the body and it is a medium that not only touches the body but it is able
to go deep into our soul. An honest sound will stop time and will render the space timeless, limitless.
The medium and the content, the product and the process, and the work and the people eventually
become one. The human voice is a stylus.  This piece was to add to Stylus by Ann Hamilton,
who had created the playground for Elizabeth Zharoff (Vocals) and I (Lila) to play.
Lila is my computer music instrument  which I have developed in the past 12 years.