2012 Blood and Gifts

 Blood and Gifts

June 12 – July 8

By J.T. Rogers
Directed by Lucie Tiberghien
Sound Design and Original Music by Shahrokh Yadegari

Won the 2012 Craig Noel’s San Diego Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Sound Design.

From La Jolla Playhouse:

Blood and Gifts takes you inside the secret spy war behind the official Soviet-Afghan War of the 1980s.
Spanning a decade and playing out in Washington DC, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the play offers up a slice of historical fiction laced with dark humor, as it follows CIA operative Jim Warnock and his struggles to stop Soviet control of Afghanistan. The ground constantly shifts for Jim and his British, Russian and Pakistani counterparts as the political and personal alliances keep changing.

A thrilling, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse, Blood and Gifts depicts the unknown men who shaped one of the greatest historical events in recent history, the repercussions of which continue to shape our world.

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" ...Shahrokh Yadegari provides marvelous original music and sound design. ... "

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" ... Shahrokh Yadegari’s sound and original music convey powerfully both the tribal and the martial ... "