Sima Bina


Sima Bina was born at the heartland of her art, Birjand, in 1944. She grew up under the close supervision of her father, Ahmad Bina, a master of classical Iranian music, a poet and songwriter who wrote many of her early songs. She began her official collaboration with radio Iran at the age of nine in Children's program. Soon she was accepted to be trained by two of the most prominent personalities of Persian music, master Ma'aroufi and master Zarinpanjeh. She acquired her own solo program on Radio Iran, a rare achievement at that time, called Golhayeh Sahraie (Wild Flowers). This popular program, which was a collection of folk songs and musicals, carried her voice throughout Iran and the neighboring countries until 1979, making her a part of the memory of at least two generations of Iranians. Her performances and special concerts in different countries further made her a renown artist worldwide.

After graduating from Tehran University in 1969, majoring in Arts, Sima Bina continued and completed her studies with master Davami, one of the most learned authorities on Persian music. Since 1979, along with teaching Persian classical music and vocals to selected students, she has focused on doing further research on Persian folk songs. By traveling to most remote places all over Khorasan, Bina has been able to gather and revive a collection of almost forgotten folk songs and melodies, many of which she has re-composed and presented in her recent performances.

Available Works:

Nava'i (Vocals)