Mystified (Heyrani)
Catalog no. QuarterTone Productions QTCD-1001


Vocals by Shahram Nazeri
Performance by Shams Tanbur Ensemble

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Shahram Nazeri - Mystified


The fruit of Shahram Nazeri's collaboration with Ensemble Shams has been a number of brilliant recordings and several international tours. Most importantly, this exposure has introduced a whole new musical dimension to the public both in Iran and around the world and has established him as one of the most devoted and prominent singers of Sufi music in Iran.

Present ensembles consist of several tanbur players all playing in unison and in recent years a bass INS_tanbur has been added for a fuller sound. The percussion accompaniment is usually provided by the INS_daf, a large frame drum , an instrument long associated with Sufi orders such as the Qaderiyya of Kurdistan. The daf was added to INS_tanbur ensembles to ensure a mystical essence and rhythmic intensity to the music. The musicians occasionally sing along with the lead vocalist to create haal, a mystical atmosphere and deep emotional state.