The Abu-Ata Concert
Catalog no. Kereshmeh Records KCD-107


Avaz by Mohammad Reza Shajarian
Tar by Mohammad Reza Lotfi

Cover Design by Farshid Mesghali


"... easily the most important record of Iranian classical music produced in the United States."
(Todd Michel McComb,, May 1996)

"... an intense performance ..."
(Cliff Furnald, CMJ April 1996)

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Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Mohammad Reza Lofti - The Abu-Ata Concert (Live)


This recording is one of the most beautiful documents of the Persian classical music. It is a musical dialogue between two undisputed masters and is a reflection of life during turbulent times in Iran, expressed forcefully and most delicately. This release has been digitally restored and newly re-mastered from the original recordings. Shajarian's singing is technically flawless, powerful, and strongly emotional. Lotfi is among the major figures who, in the past twenty years, have revolutionized the music of Iran. His original creativity and the deep-rooted emotional quality of this playing have made him the father of a new aesthetics in music of Iran.

Shajarian says:
"The musical mode of this performance speaks of the feelings manifested in love. In this avaz, a lover reveals the secret of his love and his need to the beloved and expresses to her the purity of this love. At times he begs and pleads and at times he complains and asks for her tenderness and attention. In the melody of Hejaz, the lover speaks to God of the truths in love and life. At times he dares and challenges the rival, and at times he warns the beloved. These feelings and motifs are so clearly articulated in Avaz Abu-Ata that there is no need for poetry, or any words. The music expresses them all."

Liner notes in English, French, German, and Persian.