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Summary, Conclusions and Speculations

I discovered the secret of the sea in the meditation upon the dewdrop.
Khalil Gibran[13, page 11]
Communication, specifically in the musical domain, is the main topic of this thesis. I believe that music exists not only in the structures which organize sound, not only in the micro-structures of the sounds being organized, but also in every decision that the musician makes in everyday life. For a musician there is little difference, if any, between music and truth. When we try to communicate, we have to compromise our truth. Even though the concept is universal, truth is a highly personal and local entity and it will stay that way. Communication is an art. It is, however, the art of stating the truth with lies, in a way that sets up a significant relationship between the parties involved. Music happens when we communicate with no compromise.


Shahrokh Yadegari 2001-03-01